Tarcoola Soil & Nutrition

Tarcoola Stud is dedicated to equine nutrition. We understand that good nutrition means optimal growth and strong, healthy youngsters. We analyse our soil, pasture and hay regularly throughout the year to determine what our horses are receiving from their forage in any season. We employ a qualified and independent nutritionist to create a feeding program for each group of horses that is balanced to our forage so we can confidently provide supplemental feed knowing there is science and research behind our feeding program. 

We know that slow and steady wins the race when it comes to the development of a young horse, so we regularly monitor the growth of our weanlings and yearlings so we can tweak our feeding program accordingly. We understand the importance of a healthy gastrointestinal system for horses of every age and therefore ensure that all horses have adequate roughage and that sugar and starch is kept to a minimum. The heath of our horses is of utmost importance and we pride ourselves on our attention to nutrition at Tarcoola Stud.